Brossard – September 26, 2019

Lime Blog unveils a brand new platform with a modern twist

Lime Blog platform proudly presents its new and improved image and completely redesigned business community website. The new cutting-edge website boasts several improvements and is now available in English.

Since 2014
Lime Blog was created in 2014 and is the product of Jean-François Labelle and Paul Ross’s combined years of agency management, digital strategy and web development experience. The founders of Reptile wanted to create a platform for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs—an online space that truly highlighted Quebec’s entrepreneurial community.

“Reptile envisioned Lime as a platform where entrepreneurs could share their knowledge. Just because a repairman can tell you how they’re going to paint your car, doesn’t mean that you can do it too—the same goes for Lime. Above all, it’s a place where experts can come together,” explains the CEO of Reptile, Paul Ross.

Lime has already made it possible for a lot of entrepreneurs, managers and experts to exchange knowledge, and wishes to build on this success by now inviting English speakers to contribute to the platform. By translating articles written by French speakers into the language of Shakespeare and by encouraging new users to write English articles, Lime is setting itself up to become the go-to entrepreneurial blog that speaks to an international audience.

“Over the last five years, the project has provided countless business opportunities for employees and has really come into its own. It was time to take things to the next level,” says Mr. Ross.

A Personal Project
Creating the new blog involved several members from the Reptile team who were brought on to help with Web development and integration, and to tweak some of the website’s content. The idea for this project was thought up by the co-founders of the Brossard-based company, and so it was important for them to continue publishing content and regularly improve the platform.

“We have to encourage local businesses to succeed and thrive. Business professionals can use Lime as a tool to help grow their success and connect with the already 50,000 people who use the platform each and every year. We are extremely proud of it. I hope that opening up Lime to the English-language market will allow even more Internet users to take advantage of this platform”, says the COO of Reptile, Jean-François Labelle.